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By Then - FINAL COVER.jpg

BY THEN started as a personal song by George Luo. It was originally meant to be a song for his fellow graduating class of 2020 all affected by the rise of Covid-19. However, he encountered a stumbling block when attempting to write lyrics so he contacted Samuel T. Basilio (Subtle B) for assistance on the track. Coincidentally, Samuel had also been part of the class of 2020 at San Jose State, which enabled him to resonate with the theme of the song. After the completion of the personal song, performed by Cheryl Kuo, Samuel proposed that they make another version for broader audiences. This in turn led to what would become "By Then". Samantha Leong was brought on board through personal contact and the rest is history.

All of this was done prior to the conception of intuned and served as a case study of how valuable a service like intuned could be. The ability to connect with other artists and creatives were essential in the ability and the motivation to complete and polish a track that everyone loved creating. The goal of intuned is to provide that team for others with ideas that are just waiting to be shared.

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