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Asherah Horsley

Singer/Songwriter and Consultant

        Hello, my name is Asherah, but I go by Ash! I'm a singer, songwriter, and consultant for Intuned, and as an up-and-coming artist myself I'm eager to share my experience in any way I can with our team. I'm currently a freshman in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, so I hope to apply the skills I learn in HR, organizational behavior, and law to what I love: music.

        I've been taking piano lessons since I was very young, but I started composing contemporary songs almost four years ago. Music has always been somewhat of a diary for me; it allows me to express my thoughts and feelings, and better, share them with others. I'm excited to help Intuned's dedicated team help other independent artists gain a foothold in the highly competitive music industry, and share themselves with the world through their music.

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