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Praveen Gunendran

CEO and Founder

        My name is Praveen Gunendran and I am the founder and CEO of intuned. I am currently attending Cornell University, studying finance and entrepreneurship within the Dyson College of Applied Economics and Management. The idea for intuned came from personal interaction. Gathered on the slope, I started playing my newly released music to my friends. To me, these songs were just fun, creative projects that I was able to accomplish alongside my friend who dabbled in producing. Their outward encouragement shifted that view, specifically, the moment they said, “this sounds like an actual pop song!”

        Seeing people enjoy the work that I had the resources to create reminded me of how I was lucky to escalate my constant humming to a Spotify catalog. This is where the idea of intuned originated from. I decided to build a company uniting small artists from different areas of the music industry in a tight-knit network where their individual talents will bridge together the gaps in their current song creation process. I’ve always been passionate about social entrepreneurship and music, and I’m excited to use my personal interests to help other small artists grow globally!