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George Luo

Executive Producer and Founder

        My name is George Luo and I am the co-founder of intuned! I am a student at UC San Diego, studying Human Biology at Marshall College. intuned is the culmination of a long journey. I took classical piano lessons all the way through my childhood which gave me the skills and techniques to understand music theory, but lessons alone did not satisfy my desire to produce the music I wanted. In my freshman year of high school, an opportunity presented itself. My school assigned a year-long creative project which gave me an excuse to convince the parents to invest in some basic music production software. 

        Little by little, I learned the ropes by using the endless tutorials found online. In the coming years, long after the school project was complete, I slowly discovered the daunting task of sharing my music with larger audiences. I needed to assemble a team with a diverse skill set in order to achieve that goal: vocalists, songwriters, artists, publicists, you name it. This was quite difficult and the rest of high school consisted of me looking around for people to collaborate with. 

        One of these people was Praveen. After we released our first track, Praveen realized that he could make something that his friends enjoyed, but only realized this after he worked with me. Both of us realized that there must be so much potential out there that simply need a little support to kickstart their musical aspirations. We founded intuned with those exact people in mind.

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